ASTRONET is very proud of its awards and recognitions. It is, however, impossible to put all the banners on the home page. It would make that page much slower and yet the headlines on that page are meant to act as a fast news service. Therefore awards and recognitions are put on this special page.

The awards and recognitions mentioned here are "official". Not mentioned are the many "unofficial" letters that ASTRONET is receiving almost every day. They are most appreciated because they are sent by you, ASTRONET's readers. Reading your encouragements makes producing ASTRONET a real pleasure!

In chronological order:

October 25, 2003:
'Highly recommended' by British Schoolzone

Augustus 1, 2001:
Donald Duck Extra, Augustus 2001: A statue is erected for Duckburg's most famous scientist Karel Scharrrekop, inventor of the Moon Dial (Dutch)

May 2, 2001:
Star Award for the week of May 6-12, 2001 for excellence in promoting astronomy to the public through the World Wide Web bt the Griffith Observatory

July 7, 2000:
Four Star rating by Schoolzone's panel of over 400 expert teachers

February 1, 2000:
Asteroid 7973 Koppeschaar

January 31, 2000:
Encyclopedia Astronomiae: Astronet link of the month February

July 12, 1999:
Site of The Week Award by Education Planet

June 10, 1997:
Dr. Matrix Award for Science Excellence

May 4, 1997:
The Astronomical Society of Tasmania's Hotlink for The Week 5 May to 11 May, 1997

April 16, 1997:
Education Index Award

October 27, 1996:
Astronomy Site of the Day

October 26, 1996:

Live on Swiss TV

October 12, 1996:
Europe's Cool Site of the Day Winner

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