October 12, 1996

ASTRONET: Europe's Cool Site of the Day Winner!

Congratulations, your site has been nominated for, and subsequently successfully awarded the "Europe's Cool Site of the Day" award.

The site will be featured TODAY (Saturday) and will be given a mini-review, along with, naturally, a hyperlink to your site.

Europe's Cool Site of the Day (www.bizniz.com/eurocool) is one of the most popular guides to the Web in Europe, with over 21,000 hits per week. It has received wide interest from the media including coverage in national newspapers, Internet related magazines and even national television. It has also become a regularly used source for journalists writing for Internet related magazines who need to keep abreast of the latest and greatest Web sites on offer.

It is hoped that Europe's Cool Site of the Day will help promote European WWW sites, which often match or exceed the quality of their US counterparts, but unfortunately only seem to grab a tiny fraction of the limelight.

Kind regards,

The "EuroCool" Team,
World Wide Business Communications.

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