On October 27, 1996, ASTRONET's Moon Handbook section was elected "Astronomy Site of the Day":

Astronomy Past Sites of the Day

October 1st:Planetary Nebulae Gallery
October 2nd:Sidewalk Astronomy
October 3rd:International Ultraviolet Explorer
October 4th:Adventures in Astronomy
October 5th:Explorations in Astronomy
October 6th:3-d StarMaps
October 7th:Online from Jupiter
October 8th:Astronomy Notes
October 9th:Contemporary Laboratory Experiences in Astronomy
October 10th:150th Anniversary of Tritons (Neptune I) Discovery
October 11th: Live images of the partial eclipse of the sun
October 12th:October 12th Partial Solar Eclipse WWW Guide
October 13th:Meteorite Central
October 17th:Amateur Astronomy by Don Irving
October 23rd:AAS Division for Planetary Sciences
October 24th: Monthly Comet information
October 25th:Searching for Extrasolar planets
October 27th:Moon Handbook

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