Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, OH

December 2, 1997


Many people wonder when we will be able to travel to distant solar systems as easily as envisioned in science fiction. Discover NASA's perspective on the prospects that exist today for achieving such far-future visions via a new World Wide Web site called, "Warp Drive, When?".

This web site explains the challenges of interstellar travel, the prospects and limitations of existing propulsion ideas, and the prospects emerging from science that may one day provide the breakthroughs needed to enable practical interstellar voyages. Analogies to familiar science fiction are used to simplify concepts such as "warp drive."

For a look at what NASA is doing to achieve such breakthroughs, another web site is available about the new NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Physics program.

This modest program is taking a step-by-step approach toward discovering the ultimate breakthroughs needed to revolutionize space travel and enable human journeys to other star systems - credible progress toward incredible possibilities. This program represents the combined efforts of individuals from various NASA centers, other government labs, universities and industry.

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