Clementine data point to water ice on the south pole of the Moon

Exclusive SpaceCast Report

NASA Says Lunar Ice Rumors Wrong

Washington, DC Feb. 10, 1998 - Data being studied from the lunar orbiting Prospector satellite cannot be quantified as having detected ice on the Moon, the head of the project's science team told SpaceCast Monday in an exclusive interview. Dr. Alan Binder, Principal Investigator for the Lunar Prospector Project, said by telephone from the Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California that the data is of unexpectedly high quality - but that analysis has so far proved to be a non conclusive result. "We're glad people everywhere are interested in this information, but we can make no conclusive statements yet, even on a preliminary basis," Binder said.

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SpaceCast Special Report

February 5, 1998

Maybe Not IceBergs But Water Yes

By Simon Mansfield and Frank Siezten

Washington DC - February 5, 1998 - Speculation is mounting that the Lunar Prospector has confirmed evidence of water ice in deep fissures created billions of year ago by planet busting meteorites and comets.

Confirmation, officially or off the record, from Lunar Prospector team members was not possible, who have had a tight clamp placed on them following increased media interest in developments.

The consistent theme of rumors is that no Titanic icebergs have been found, as yet, but ice in observable form is present but is yet to be quantified.

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