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23 Nov 1998

ESA's plans for a microarcsec space astrometry mission being presented at the GAIA workshop

This week plans for the GAIA space astrometry mission will be presented to more than 70 scientists from all over Europe when they gather in Leiden (Netherlands) for the GAIA workshop.

Hosted by The Lorentz Center and Leiden Observatory (University of Leiden), the workshop will provide scientists with the opportunity to learn about the current status and scientific prospects of GAIA. They will also have the opportunity to participate in discussions aimed at consolidating the scientific and technical report to be prepared for the ESA advisory groups.

GAIA (Global Astrometric Interferometer for Astrophysics) is an advanced astrometric mission proposed, in 1995, as a Cornerstone Mission within the ESA Horizon 2000+ science plan, which aims:

GAIA's unique observational strengths are:

As a result GAIA will uniquely address astrophysical issues such as:


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