October 14, 1998


Newly processed panoramas images taken by the Mars Pathfinder spacecraft are now available on the Mars Pathfinder website.

The images were made available by Dr. Carol Stoker from Ames Research Center.

July 9, 1998


Enhanced images taken by the Mars Pathfinder rover from the surface of Mars are now available on the Mars Pathfinder home page:


The enhanced images are made available by Jack Morrision - Mars Pathfinder rover driver, software & camera designer.

Ron Baalke

July 1, 1998

A newly processed super resolution image taken by the Mars Pathfinder lander is now available on the Mars Pathfinder website:


Image caption is attached.

Ron Baalke

Super Resolution Image of "Big Crater" by Dr. Timothy Parker, JPL

Super Resolution of Big Crater - Medium Resolution 850 KB

Super Resolution of Big Crater - Full Resolution 2440 KB


Mars Pathfinder Landing Site Catalog #: PIA01124

Mosaic of Viking orbiter images illustrating the location of the lander (19.17 degrees N, 33.21 degrees W in the USGS reference frame) with respect to surface features. Five prominent features on the horizon include North Knob, Southeast Knob, Far Knob, Twin Peaks, and Big Crater. Two small craters visible in the orbiter and lander views--Little Crater and Rimshot Crater--lie on the northwest outer flank of the rim of Big Crater. Because the lander is on the southeast-facing flank of a low ridge, very distant features to the south and east are in view, whereas relatively nearby features to the north are partially or completely obscured. Only the tip of North Knob, which appears larger in the Viking orbiter images than the Twin Peaks, projects above the local horizon, and a 300-m crater, 1.2 km to the northeast, is completely obscured. Viking stereo images 004A27 and 004A87 and 004A44 and 004A70. North is up; scale bar, 5 km. (Insets) (Upper right) Lander location. (Upper left) North Knob from lander. (Lower left) Far Knob from lander. (Lower right) Southeast Knob from lander. The location of the lander in inertial space (19.30 degrees N, 33.52degrees W) from the two- way ranging and Doppler tracking of the lander is coincident with Rimshot Crater.

NOTE: original caption as published in Science Magazine

Image Note: Science Magazine, Volume 278, Number 5344, 5 December 1997, 'Overview of the Mars Pathfinder Mission

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